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5 SEO Tactics You Need to Know in 2015

SEO Tactics You Need to KnowEvery year SEO evolves into a more sophisticated discipline. Search Engines improve their searching algorithms to give users more specific and exactly his required brands & products, optimization for search engines has become a recognized strategic marketing field.

According to a study by National Retail Federation in 2014, search marketing (Online Marketing) was very effective source to gain new customers  for 85 percent of online retailers. Which mean those online marketers who know SEO, or Have a team of SEO’s for their business are Win-Win.

Along with this organic search is a key starting point to put products and services online in front of the pure and converting targeted customers.

BrightEdge conducted a study, analyzed different industries and discovered that organic search was the largest driver of traffic and revenue, the study showed that Organic search bring over 51 Percent of the customers for almost 90% industries analyzed.

So a Marketer should have proper plan to get high in this “SEA”.

I am going to discuss some areas in SEO that should be followed by every marketer in 2015.

1. Back-links (Do not Just Spam)

The days are gone now to build links on irrelevant content pages in a large volume and get ranked ;). In the current era you have to earn links not to just build links. Getting a link from reputable and relevent website is more beneficial.

To get a valuable links from high authority properties, You should write your website’s articles through a PR specialist or journalist / expert of the field relevant to your product / website. All this is for producing quality content and attracting the professionals to write about you or your product and insert a priceless link to your web page.

————– So follow the tip: Earn Links, Don’t just build links

2. Optimizing website for Mobile devices

It is a “must-do” step to be good in 2015 and on-wards, People browsing content on their smart phones & tablets and Google know about this fact :). So Google now ranks mobile friendly and responsive websites better in search results. Google even included “mobile-friendly” mentions in mobile search results.

3. ROI & Keyword Rankings

Pay attention to the ROI metrics that really bring leads and conversions. No doubt keyword research is the most important part, as you can not rank your website for the keywords ranked on  PR 9 and 10 competitors, So you will need to find keywords you can rank easily.

 Today it’s more effective to track ROI indices rather than obsessing over keyword rankings.

4. Social Presence 

Boost your social presence, Facebook , Twitter and many other top social networks. Try to reach the people of your product’s interest and share promotional videos, Graphics, Promotional Text posts etc with a link to your product / page.

Engage those of who have interest in your product, which can be found Google Trends, and even your keyword research can tell you the regions / people who have interest in your product. For better results, Join at least on 2 or 3 big social platforms and launch extensive activities there, The search engines will diffidently notice you and assess your efforts.

5. SEO for Other Search Engines

Indeed Google in the first place where most of internet consumer will try to find you. However, a their is a big percentage of the internet consumers who use search engines such as Bing, DuckDuckGo and Yahooa etc. Keep abreast with this tendency and optimize your website for those search engines as well.

Off course this is not a BIG SEO strategy but i hope you will get ideas and will explore them for your website, IF you have further / better ideas Feel free to share them on the comment section below.

SEO Tactics You Need to Know in 2015