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Make Bootable Pendrive For Windows 7 Using Command Prompt

In this post we will Learn  how to make boot-able pen-drive for windows 7 using command prompt.

This trick is really great and you don’t need to use any third party program or application. all the functions we will use are built in in windows 7.

So Let’s Start how to create a Windows 7 Bootable USB Pendrive to install Windows 7 from USB Pen-drive.

Follow these steps Carefully.

1. Open a command prompt as administrator

ie. Right click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt and select “Run as administrator”.

Make Bootable Pendrive For Windows 7-1


2. Then run diskpart utility from command prompt, by typing ‘diskpart’ on command prompt and pressing enter.

This will run the diskpart utility in the separate windows, which is shown in the screen shot below

Make Bootable Pendrive For Windows 7-1

3. Now type in cmd  ”list disk” and hit enter .The number of your USB drive will listed. You’ll need this for the next step.Then you have to type ‘select disk2′ and press enter. Note: in our case it is disk 2, in your case it may be disk 3, or disk 1 or any other number

Make Bootable Pendrive For Windows 7-1

4. Now  enter ‘detail disk’  and hit enter, to see the details of the disk after selecting it to verify that you have selected the correct disk. You can see these steps in the image below

Make Bootable Pendrive For Windows 7-1


5. Then you have perform these commands in cmd. The commands should be run by order
- clean
- create partition primary
- select partition 1
- active
- format fs=fat32  (Command “Format fs=ntfs quick” will speed up the format otherwise it takes hell lot of time to format big pendrives.Make Bootable Pendrive For Windows 7-1


6. After The format Completion, you have to run ‘assign’ command.

  • Now You can exit diskpart utility by entering the ‘exit’ command.

Make Bootable Pendrive For Windows 7-1

7. After the format process is complete, put in your  Windows 7 DVD in your DVD drive, or if you have using any  .iso image of the DVD, mount that image using any virtual drive software like Power ISO.
Download UltraISO Software

- Now go to My Computer, & open the virtual or original of DVD Drive. Press ‘ctrl+a’ to select all contents
and copy all the contents by pressing ‘ctrl+c’.

-After completion Of  all the process.

  • open the USB Drive and press ‘ctrl+v’ to paste all the contents of DVD into the USB Disk.
  • Enjoy Your work….!!
  • Don’t Forget to Leave comments here!

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