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What is a Keyword?

Keyword is a word search engines use to find your website in search.

SEO – Importance Of Keywords

People use search engine to find what they need, and no doubt they use keywords. so keywords / keyword tags are the most important element of a web page. before making a post / posting an article it is important to research on the topic and find some good keywords related to the article. This is what can give you real and targeted traffic. But doing keywords research on right way is the most important thing.

Search engine like quality & unique content, For example if a person is searching something he need, Search engine will return the page which is most relevant to his / her search term. So keep this thing in mind that quality content with proper keyword research and implementation will get you to the top right away.

Types of Keywords

Before discussing the main topic, lets understand the keywords types.

Primary Keyword

This is your first winning / targeted keyword, for which you want your article to be ranked in search engine. for example when starting a micro niche website, Its good to do a good keyword research and select domain on the basis of your top winning keyword. Other keywords will be supporting your main keyword.

This should be your article’s first word, Image attachment’s name and alt tags etc and of course you will be using it several times in your post. It is also good to keep the permalink of you post as your top keyword.

For Search engines the first word of your article is very important, we can say that it tells the whole story of your article in short.

Secondary keywords

These are the keywords your will be putting next to your primary keyword obtained from your keyword research, Secondary keywords are not necessary but these will help you getting the attraction of those users who use different search terms in search engines.

Tertiary Keywords

Those you will be putting after your primary keywords, i do not recommend to use tertiary keywords if you have a good list of secondary and your top keyword don’t have very hard competition.

Now – Keywords Density And Its Importance in SEO

Keyword density is the number of times a keyword appears on your web page [NOT HTML TAGS etc but the visible text]. Keywords density from 1% – 5% seems to be acceptable and more than this can harm your SERPs.

To find the keyword density within your article or web page / post simply divide the number of times a keyword-phrase occurs by the total words of you entire article / page.

Keywords Density plays a very important / crucial rule in Search engine optimization. The Google algorithms are updating with time to time but keywords density equation has remained the same since years.

See the Keywords density equation: (Keyword appearances / total words) * 100 = %

Website’s main page is considered the most important one in terms of Content. Now let suppose your website’s front page has 100 words (text) and you have used your keyword on the main page as 2 times. so the equation becomes (2 / 100) * 100 = 2%

And this (2%) is considered the best 🙂 Now i know you want to check your home page and also the other pages of your website – OK, so Follow Keyword Density Analyzer and see where you are 😉

Keywords Density Recommendations

  • To prevent De-indexing and lower position in SERP’s, and achieve a high position in the search engines, use more than one keyword or keyword-phrase in your article But keep in mind the recommended Keywords density (1% – 5%) for each of your keyword-phrase.