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Keywords Density

What is a Keyword? Keyword is a word search engines use to find your website in search. SEO – Importance Of Keywords People use search engine to find what they need, and no doubt they use keywords. so keywords / keyword tags are the most important element of a web page. before making a post […] Read more...

Selecting the keyword

Keyword research is the MOST IMPORTANT and first part of starting the SEO of any website, Mostly the experts use paid tools for the keyword research but we can do this FREE of Cost as well. i am sharing the FREE method of finding the Winning keywords. No-1 – if you have Paid tools for […] Read more...

Design a cool Banner in Photoshop – VIDEO Tutorial Designing a Professional banner in Photoshop is just a game of Mind! Confused?? Oh – I mean you just need to make an idea of what you or your client really need. To make good choice of color combination and banner style. You can use Google […] Read more...

Learning resources

Ultimate SEO Guide | Free Learning Resources Welcome to Free Learning Resources at Technoriderz Ultimate guide to ranking competitively in search engine Google. First of All What is SEO? – SEO refers to search engine optimization, or the process of making a website visible in SE like Google, with proper and related keywords to your […] Read more...

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