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Keyword research is the MOST IMPORTANT and first part of starting the SEO of any website, Mostly the experts use paid tools for the keyword research but we can do this FREE of Cost as well. i am sharing the FREE method of finding the Winning keywords.
No-1 – if you have Paid tools for keyword research like longtail pro, so this will make your hours job done in minutes.
No-2 – Use keywordrevealer.com – this work exactly like longtail pro, but is limited and you can work on some limited keywords per day.

Note: All the Free or Paid tools use Google’s APIS to give you the results of your keywords. so it means you can do the work by your hands too using Google. The tools just make your work easy.

But i will tell you how to Find the Winning keywords without even spending a penny!

No-3 – Manual method to find a keyword which can rank

  • Its the best one – but time consuming

First of all you will need to find the keywords you like – and those having good searches related to your niche!

Follow these steps to find the keywords

  • Check your keywords in Google Keyword planner
  • Select all the keywords you like and save them in a file. Select the most relevant keywords to your niche and the most important thing “Having Good monthly Searches

Now you have to find the reasons of using the keyword or not

  1. Type  the keywords one by one in Google (Assuming One keyword here)
  2. Note all the top 10 websites ranked in Google.com for that keyword
  3. Ignore the website like if YouTube video is ranked with that keyword, or a Wikipedia article, Facebook post or twitter etc.
  4. Find the DA(Domain authority) and PA(Page Authority) of all the top 10 websites (ignore YouTube, fb, twitter etc – and count the remaining websites)
  5. DA: Add the DA’s of all the websites you considered in top 10 results
  6. Divide the SUM by the No of websites considered
  7. if the result is above 60 – than you will need a little hard work for that keyword

                   DO NOT STOP HERE

Revise the steps 5, 6, for PA of the top 10 results

  • If the SUM is above 40 – Than do not select that keyword :/
  • If less than 40 – Go for it

PS: if the SUM of DA’s of all the top 10 websites is higher than 60 than you will need hard work  mean very good quality backlinks for that keyword to your website to get it ranked.
IF this is less than 60 and SUM Of top 10 Results PA’s is less than 40- you will have to wok still but this keyword will be ranked very easily VS the others.

I hope the small tutorial will help you to understand how to find a keyword that can be ranked easily
Questions will be answered 🙂 If you have any question – Ask in comments below!