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1. Keyword Research

This is the First and most important point in my 9 IMPORTANT SEO Considerations, When you are thinking to create a website on any topic. specially for marketing purposes like a micro-niche website for some affiliate product etc You need Deep keyword research before setting up your website on that topic. Find Great WINNING Keywords (Targeted) + Secondary Keywords and so on!

2. Ensure Domain Name Contain Your keywords

After the keyword research take your WINNING Keywords and make some good domain name. it is recommended to take the keyword which has the most monthly searches and minimum competition. You may be very lucky to get the exact match domain of that keyword, but if the exact match is not available so add some meaningful word or a part of your second keyword.

3. Relevant Content

As many Says “CONTENT IS KING” so this too an important part in the SEO Considerations. Your content must be unique and 100% relevant to the topic. Topic mean your site topic and inside your topic the secondary topics are your pages. ie The Title of Your Page and The content it have.

4. Use Alt Tags for Images

You may be using images inside your articles. Don’t miss the Images Alt Tags, This help SEO as a brief of the image. Descriptive alt tags can add relevant text to your code which is used by search engines to index your website and its content.

Keep the image name as your keyword and same as the alt tag, so more information about the image will be passed to search engine crawlers. Making these alt tags valuable can give a good boost in ranking your website in search engines.

5. Optimize Your website’s Meta Tags

Meta tag is what count in search engines the most, If you have very Good and unique content on your website but your meta tags are added properly – Your website may be missed by search engines.

Meta tags like, Title Tag, Keywords, Alt tags and some additional meta tags like author meta tag etc

6. Use Headings in your content

Headings like H1, H2, H3 counts in Search Engines Likes and dislikes, Don’t fill your complete articles with just headings but don’t ignore to put relevant and important headings in your articles.

The Page Title is the first heading a search engine will look at to understand what about the page is, when it access the page. and same for the visitor it is the first impression. An important recommendation here is to put your targeted keywords in headings someway but don’t change the meaning of the heading for a keyword.

The page title will be the first thing a search engine will look at when determining what the page is about. It is also the first thing visitors to your site will see when they get to your page. Therefore it is important that heading contain one or two keywords, they are relevant to the content on the page and provide appropriate targeting.

7. Sitemaps & Robots.txt

Google and all other major search engines see your sitemap and robots.txt to determine what you have in your website and to which section or page you don’t allow the search engines.

A Good recommendation is to add HTML sitemap too, as this will help the visitor in navigations but the most important is the XML sitemap which contain the over all structure of your website and tell the search engine about every page and post etc.

Robots.txt is a file in which you specify to search engines which section of your website is to be indexed and which section is forbidden. so this is also an important tool you must add in your website.

8. Link Building

Almost every blogger and web master wnat his site to be on the top page of Google, and Google consider you when you are trusted. This trust is something you can get from Trusted backlinks to your website. SEO’s use a wide range of techniques while creating backlinks, and i will recommend to create a link Pyramid which is Tier wise link building technique and very effective. (I will try to share a complete tutorial on it, Meanwhile you can Google it to understand what really a link Pyramid is)

The important SEO Considerations in link building are to get backlinks from Trusted / Good PR and Quality properties.

9. Social Signals

Social Media is a fast growing Factor to get your website noticed, and it is an important point in SEO Considerations, After the backlinking. Send some Quality social signals to your article after all the above considerations are completed.

Social media sites and applications include Facebook, YouTube, Del.icio.us, Twitter, Digg, blogs and other sites that have content based on user participation and user-generated content (UGC) will boost your SEO to a good level.

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