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Basic English

This book starts from “What is Grammar?” and cover all the basics of English language in a very easy and precise manner including, Nouns with all its types, Pronouns, Adjectives, Determiners, Sentences  and Kinds of Sentences, Subject and the Object, Direct and Indirect Objects, Subject-Verb Agreement, Adverbs, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Interjections,Punctuation, Understanding Period, Comma etc, Verbs […] Read more...

Freelancing Magical Skills

Hello Guys, In this lecture of FREELANCING in URDU Series, you will learn how to use you existing skill as a Magical skill and Earn Easily Online. I have discussed in details the following magical skills. Magical Skill 1 – Mastering ‘General Transcription’ / Scripted Voice Over Magical Skill 2 – Web Designing & Development […] Read more...

Hey Folks, The Course in Completely in URDU / HINDI Language about the Basics of Freelancing, How you can Start your carrier as a Freelancer, Which skill you can use for online working. We will also share ideas for learning easy and quick skills for online carrier. This introduction lecture covers the above discussion in […] Read more...

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