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Fiverr is one of the popular platforms for new freelancers, students, and those seeking some good earnings apart from their jobs and what so ever.

The best thing about Fiverr is, its easy to start and make money not like the other platforms where you need to pass certain tests and exams etc.

If you are new to freelancing world, your first choice should be fiverr and believe me if you plan properly and start it, you will get to a position that you will leave all other networks like me 😉

On freelance networks / platforms the most important thing is your account’s rating, which show your originality to the buyers and give them the confidence to purchase your services. The same thing is required on fiverr.

I will try to discuss some important points by which you can keep your Rating always 100% to get more sales and make More……. MONEY 🙂

How to get and maintain Good RATING on Fiverr

Fiverr Rating

I will share my own experience which costs above 4 years of time and almost 10+ accounts.

Most of the sellers get very good rating in the start, and keep it 100% like a boss, But Some sellers lose the rating due to some common mistakes which i will discuss below one by one.

1) When you get and order, Always send a good message of “Thank You” to the buyer before you start work on his project and tell him/her that you are on his job and will complete it ASAP. and end your message with words like “I’ll get back to you soon”.

—- This will make your buyer satisfied of your work, response time and time frame for his/her task

2) Always use a positive language, use Sir/ Ma’am while addressing your customers, and never be arrogant to them even if he rejects and offer from you.

3) Use smile emoji often during the conversation as it creates a happy environment between you and your client.

4) Be clear, short, and always offer things you can do easily and with 100% satisfaction and keep the conversation closed with your clients like you know each other to make them feel remembered. Negative reviews can be avoided by clear communication with your buyer, ask questions before starting his work to clearly understand his / her requirements, and stressing the importance of a 5-star review at the time of delivery of the order.

5) Don’t refuse for any complaints from the clients, rather try to solve them and make him/her happy and a permanent client.

6) Avoid canceling orders (Cancelling Ratio) by explaining your gigs clearly with a video about your service or in the Title and description text of your gig.

7) Never create a gig you can’t complete yourself or you’re not an expert of that field. Avoid late deliveries and keep a realistic completion time in each of your gig.

— Although its a common sense being on Fiverr, its crystal clear if we want to make more money on Fiveer we will need to avoid late deliveries, and canceled orders to maintain the our all rating of our account and avoid negative reviews. Each of the above scenarios may result in a penalty to our rank in the search results of Fiverr, as well as the seller level.

8) Keep a long lasting impression by offering great services, Try to deliver more than your gig advertised, if possible with a free bonus at the end. When you deliver the order, tell him / her about the FREE BONUS.

—- For this you can tell him / her while delivering the message “I have a FREE BONUS for you as well, which will be sent after the completion of this order”. He will add a review with 5 stars rating and you can send the BONUS in Direct message after that.

9) Always send a direct message after the completion of the work to the buyer with the BONUS if you have any, and to make him remember you for next time when he need services you can provide. With good and loving words like “Stay blessed!!” “Have a Good time!!” at the end.

I hope these tips will help you guys out in your Fiverr Journey, Please leave a feedback in the comments to make the post better or an appreciating message to encourage me to write more for you guys!

Wish you best of Luck! Stay blessed